Effective Joint Pain Relief

The Osmosis Patches are ideal for relief of inflammation and pain associated with Bursitis & Baker’s Cysts.

Are you looking for a product that:

  • Is Natural,
  • Is Non-invasive,
  • Is Steroid free,
  • Does not use Ant-inflammatory medication,
  • Is Pain free and importantly,
  • Is Backed by a Money Back Guarantee.

Find out why literally thousands of people suffering with joint pain and swelling have turned to the osmosis patch for effective natural relief… Read what people are saying.

The Osmosis Patches are simply placed over the area of swelling or pain just before going to bed and gently go to work using the natural power of osmosis to draw out excess fluid while you sleep.

Natural ingredients within the patches work throughout the night by firstly stimulating blood flow to the affected region. They are then able to induce the removal of fluid from the vascular area directly under the patch (where it is then absorbed by the patch).

This resulting removal of fluid causes a natural phenomenon called an osmotic imbalance.  In order for this osmotic imbalance to re-balance, inflammatory fluid is then drawn out of the affected swollen tissue. This effect continues throughout the night while the patches are worn, resulting in the reduction of swelling and the relief of associated pain.

The patented Osmosis Patches have been developed to act as a unique active poultice which stimulates the removal of fluid, absorbing it throughout the night. In the morning the patch is simply removed and discarded.  A patch is worn each consecutive night until the pain and swelling have reduced.

Osmosis patch combined with adequate rest offers a completely natural complementary way to relieve swelling and pain. They may be used by

  • Anyone looking to naturally complement their existing treatment
  • Anyone that is unable to use anti-inflammatory medications
  • Anyone not wanting painful steroid shots
  • Anyone wanting to try and avoid draining joints with syringes
  • Anyone who has tried other approaches without success
  • OR anyone who just simply prefers a completely natural approach.

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