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About: EffectiveJointPainRelief.com has been established to find and provide natural alternative solutions to treating the many painful and often disabling conditions that affect our joints.

We are a family owned business with very high ethics and we know only to well how joint pain and inflammation can take over your life. We pride ourselves on our fast communication and high level of customer service.

The Osmosis Patches were developed in Australia by a respected Australian medical scientist and tick all our boxes as being a wonderful example of an alternative natural therapy that is effective at reducing swelling in the joints and the associated pain.

EffectiveJointPainRelief.com will continue to source and offer new effective natural treatments. We hope to provide individuals who are suffering with joint pain a range of non-invasive alternative natural solutions giving more freedom and choice for the management of their joint pains.

Should you have any questions please email us at effectivejointpainrelief@gmail.com and we will try our hardest to answer any of your questions by the next business day.

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